What iphone Applications are most excellent for Educating Offspring?

Tablet pc’s can be brilliant educational devices, as I’ve mentioned at great extent in other web posts. So, having established that, what apps are the best for teaching the fundamental topics and inspiring literacy and numeracy in small ones?

For £1.99 is ‘Herd Absurd’, that is an app that mixes and matches characters and their attributes, of this app, Guardian.co.uk said,

“Herd Absurd! is a characterful take on those children’s books where you flip sections of the page to put different heads, bodies and legs of characters together. Here, it’s animals that your kids will be mixing and matching, with suitably cheeky animations making them smile along the way”.

Herd Absurd is best performed together with your kids, sort of a book or a game (of which it’s a combination). Also for £1.99, ‘The Land of Me’ is an additional fun game that doubles as a education experience; this one introduces children to ‘Shape, Size and Colour’ (as the subtitle suggests). The Guardian said of this one that,

“British startup Made In Me has been exploring interactive children’s fiction with its The Land of Me apps, scooping a BAFTA nomination in the process. This latest example focuses on, yes, shapes, sizes and colours as kids create monsters, animals and vehicles”.

A little bit less costly at £1.49 and perhaps, a little bit more literate is the app ‘Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek’. This one is more of a digital paperback, but with interactive basics. The exact same guys who made the Dr. Seuss apps make this one. According to the Guardian’s Top thirty list,

“It’s a digital version of a book starring five cheeky monkeys trying to get out of bedtime by playing games. Expect rhyming text, lots of chances to practise counting, and a mixture of voice narration and word highlighting to help young readers”.

For our friends across the pond, ‘Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride’ is a child-friendly app that shows American history in amusing, engaging, bitesize chunks. According to Teach Thought.com, the makers are ones to pay attention to. 

“Cognitive Kid is one of those companies that will go down in history as being one of the first to develop outstanding learning content, where discovery is the model & play is the focus, where students love it as much as the teachers and every school considers it a must have! Let us share some feedback from the students during round one. When kids were asked to respond why they thought it was a good way to learn, the responses were plain and simple. “Because it teaches important history stuff in a fun to play way.” Or, the let me get right to the point comment, “Made boring history fun.””

Teach Thought also highlights ‘Eye Paint Animals’ as being an app that is definitely entertaining, educational and highly innovative. Within ths app, the kid’s mind is on the fore, but you will discover educational elements as well. Of these designers, Curious Hat, Teach Thought stated that,

“They strive to design tools for children that encourage discovery play and foster creativity, they succeed spectacularly. Curious Hat has taken the iOS user experience to a whole n’other level.  Luca states, “Our apps are not games, they are discovery tools aimed at energizing kids to play, create, invent, explore and learn in enjoyable ways without the limitations of set parameters.””

So there you go, a pleasant list of reasonably priced, learning apps for iOS. I trust this helps.