The Microsoft surface Pro, What browsers are the best for that tablet

The Surface Pro is a varied bag, at least in the eyes of most critics.

Consider this review by Marc Weber Tobias of,

“Microsoft has created a sophisticated piece of hardware that can perform the functions of a tablet and ultrabook. The reality is that the Surface Pro works well in both environments but is too much of a compromise. If that works for you, then the Windows tablet will be a great addition to your travel tools arsenal. Just be sure you don’t stay too far from a power outlet for too long a time”.

One or two reviewers/buyers loved it, but most were a little bit let down. A few hated it, but the remainder did not go that far. The truth is that the Microsoft surface Pro did not turn out to become the ‘iPad killer’ that it was speculated to be. Arguments that it is finicky to work, overpriced and unfamiliar all held water, but it’s also worth noting that it is not really a terrible tablet.

In reality, despite most of the aforementioned drawbacks (many of which I touched upon in earlier reviews) this was still a top-end pc tablet and a wonderful display and superb hardware. It handles the Internet better than most tablet pc’s, as well.

Now, when it comes to Internet use, particularly on lightweight devices, many of us have moved from Internet explorer and in the direction of other browsers. Microsoft acknowledges this (albeit grudgingly) but evidently they’d choose Windows 8 buyers to choose IE 10.

So, is Internet Explorer 10 it any good? In fact, when used on the Surface, yes it is.

If you are planning on having a Surface or Microsoft surface Pro, you will actually be at your finest, Web-wise, with IE 10. Several have recommended Google Chrome as the best option, but if Pastor Shaw (writing for a Surface-based blog back in April) is accurate then I doubt that may be true forever, (S)he says:


“Chrome doesn’t pinch to zoom, but it handles Google’s stuff really well, especially with extensions.  If only Chrome was more memory efficient and had pinch to zoom.  The forums don’t believe there’s much hope for Google to try to support pinch-to-zoom on Windows 8, because of a not-so-secret cold war brewing between Microsoft and Google.  Soon we’ll have to pick sides.  If you use many services like me, this expanding gulf may force you to pick sides”.


At the end of our day, Microsoft do their best work within their own back garden. Straying too off from the ‘Microsoft Method’ does not usually lead to good things when it is brought to using Microsoft products (same with Apple, #in that# regard).


Like anything else, there can be conflicting opinions plus the question itself is extremely subjective. Personally, I consider that Internet explorer 10 may be the best browser for that Microsoft surface and Microsoft surface Pro. It’s the default browser plus the device is intended to use with it. So that’s the solution I’m going with.