Edgar Allen Poe organization gets funding by Stephen King

Recently, the endorsed ‘Your Town’ website for Boston, Massachusetts, USA broke the story that bestselling writer Stephen King, along with his wife, novelist Tabitha King, have donated $5,000 to the Poe Foundation of Boston.


The money goes in the direction of the Foundation’s plans to erect a large statue of that Us writer in Edgar Allen Square, not far from Poe’s birthplace.


Foundation Head Dan Currie was quoted as saying that there is “some disbelief” because the weighty donation arrived on April Fool’s day.


Artiste Stefanie Rocknak created the planned sculpture. She was chosen from 265 possible candidates. In addition to being an award-winning affiliate of the Sculptor’s Guild, Rocknak is also a professor of Philosophy in New York.


The anticipated piece is termed ‘Poe Returning to Boston’ and depicts the writer carrying a bag of thoughts, here rendered literally inside the forms of (amongst other things) a raven and a ‘telltale’ heart.


The statue shall be accomplished and unveiled once the foundation can raise its intended objective of $175,000.


Prior to the Kings’ generous contribution, the endeavor has received a $25,000 donation from the Highland Street Foundation also as the $10,000 gift from Poe collector Susan Jaffe Tane. Furthermore, Poe admirers and other fascinated parties have collectively donated some $5,000. 


Extensively credited as a innovator of the detective story, also as the master of thriller, trepidation and macabre horror, Edgar Allen Poe is one #of the# giants of American literature.


However, during his life span, Poe’s relationship with the city’s literary and cultural elite was habitually a strained one. His production was consistently criticized and he found himself out of favor from particular literary circles.


Stephen King, who originates from Portland, Maine, has published several novels, novellas and online eBooks, many of them within the horror genre. The writer has also published almost two hundred short stories, an art form partially pioneered by Poe. King’s books have sold in excess of 350 million copies worldwide and also have regularly been custom-made for film and television. He is considered one of the world’s most victorious authors.


Tabitha King has published 8 novels and several other poetry anthologies. She’s also a photographer.


“We’re thrilled and tremendously grateful to possess the support of the Kings” Dan Currie told Boston.com yesterday.

For more information, or a chance to donate, visit the project’s official web site.


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